Vietnam War Resources For Learning

In the Shadow of the Blade producers recommend…

The Virtual Wall.  An online replica of the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial including tributes and personal stories of the war dead, with multiple search options.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Among other features, includes writings by veterans and families, casualty summaries, and information about POW bracelets in addition to information about the memorial.

The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.  An online repository of information about helicopter warfare in Vietnam, including first-person accounts which have been verified by VHPA historians.

Texas Tech University Vietnam Center and Archive.  Searchable online collection of oral history interviews, photographs, audio, and other digital archives.  (Also includes an excellent teacher resource page.)

Illyria: Women in Vietnam.  Historical information, photographs, and first-person accounts, including poetry and personal essays by women who served in the Vietnam War.

Dustoff Association.  War stories, photographs, and factual information about Army helicopter medical evacuation in Vietnam.

Military Order of the Purple Heart.  Provides a history of this organization for combat wounded troops, and links to local chapters.

Sons and Daughters in Touch.  Tributes and information from the children of military personnel killed in action in Vietnam.

Three’s In: Nam POWs.  Website created by former Vietnam Prisoners of War.

Vietnam Magazine.  Magazine dedicated to the history of the Vietnam War.

Congressional Medal of Honor Society.  Website documenting the nation’s highest military honor.

Vietnam War History Resources.  A portal to many individual military unit and topic websites.

Note:  Many Vietnam War military units and individual veterans have their own websites where veterans share history and photographs.  These sites can be rich resources for student research.  Teachers are encouraged to guide students in making safe online connections and in properly evaluating source material.


Further Reading

In the Shadow of the Blade producers recommend…. 

Two books that capture the gritty realities of combat in Vietnam:

We Were Soldiers Once and Young.  Harold Moore and Joe Galloway.  First-person non-fiction account of the Battle of the Ia Drang that provided the source for the feature film.

Matterhorn.  Karl Marlantes.  A fictional account of U.S. Marines in I Corps, written by a Marine veteran.

A non-fiction work that develops the contrasting experiences of a generation during the Vietnam War:

They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace Vietnam and America October 1967.  David Maraniss.

A non-fiction collection of stories of 26 American women who served in the Vietnam War:

A Piece of My Heart.  Keith Walker.

A compilation of excerpted readings from all genres:

The Vietnam War Reader.  Steward O’Nan, editor.

Family perspectives:

Hero Mama: A Daughter Remembers the Father She Lost in Vietnam and the Mother Who Held Her Family Together by Karen Spears Zacharias (non-fiction)

In Country.  Bobbie Ann Mason.

Individual Perspectives:

Heart of a Soldier.  James B. Stewart.  The story of Vietnam veteran Rick Rescorla, a hero of the Battle of the Ia Drang, who went on to save thousands of lives on 9/11, only to perish himself.

Medal of Honor: One Man’s Journey From Poverty and Prejudice.  Roy Benavidez.  Powerful autobiography of a poor Hispanic boy from rural Texas who grew up to be a hero as a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier.

Why Didn’t You Get Me Out? A POW’s Nightmare in Vietnam.  Frank Anton.  Huey pilot Frank Anton’s powerful story of being held prisoner in South Vietnam.

Dustoff: No Compromise! No Rationalization!  No Hesitation!  Fly the Mission.  Steve Vermillion.  A Vietnam medical evacuation pilot shares his experience.

Born in Brooklyn, Raised in the Cav.  John Flanagan.  Huey pilot John Flanagan recounts his experience serving in the famed First of the Ninth Cavalry in Vietnam.

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