Director Patrick Fries

Creative Director/Producer Cheryl Fries

Mission Logistics/Field Producer Bob Baird, Vietnam Veteran Volunteer

Mission Historian Gary Roush, Vietnam Veteran Volunteer

Co-Pilot/Safety and Logistics Mike Venable, Vietnam Veteran Volunteer

Veteran Counselor and Chaplain Bill McDonald, Vietnam Veteran Volunteer


Patrick Fries

John Larsen

Herbert Bennett

Post-Production Supervisor

Herbert Bennett

Assistant Editors

Sarah Beal

Paul Dumas


Patrick Fries

John Larsen

Richard Gaylord

Dieter Kaupp

Jackson Saunders

Kurt Lange

Aerial Cinematography

Ray Asgar

Still Photography

Sarah Beal

Camera Assistants

Courtney Harrell

Adam Schwarz

Alex Newsome

Location Sound

Mac Melson

Fredericko Geib

Audio Post-Production

David Govett

Associate Producer

Mita Gosdin

Field Producers

Fredericko Geib

Scott Peace

Earl Watters

Production Administrators

Mone Musel

Julie Webber

Graphics Design

Sarah Beal

Brian Burrows

Susan Carchedi

Paul Dumas

Aaron Land

John Larsen

Patrick Nolan

Will Swetnam

Logo Design

Patrick Nolan

DVD Authoring

Bryan Russman

Mission Support

Rose Baird

Cindy Venable

Mike Jackson

Mission Flight Director/091 Pilot-in-Command

Bruce LeMoine

Mission Navigator and Fundraiser

Jim Palmersheim

Punta Gorda Pilots/Five-O-Deuce

Bob Carr

John Lipski

Tupelo Pilot

Barron L. Goff

Historical Accuracy

Gary Roush

Clifford Snyder, National Archives

National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Missouri

Legal Counsel

Fletcher Brown

Matthew Burr

Jeremy Levine

Kjehl Rasmussen

Subject Matter Expertise

Gary Roush

Ernest Sylvester

Marty Hauer


Will Swetnam

David Avilla

Paul Dumas

Cheryl Fries


Nicole Haddad

Brian Ramirez

Musical Score

David Govett

George Oldziey

Theme Song

Written and performed by Rodney C. Riley

Music by

Ken Brothers

Stan Denman

Ernie Dogwolf Lovato

Fidel Gonzalez

Tony Grigsby & The Lanny Rose Band

Quincy Harper

Sarge Lintecum

Joe Richardson Express

Suzie Stern

Music Clearance

Kjehl Rasmussen

UH-1 Helicopters provided by

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department

Mississippi National Guard

Texas Air Command Museum

Cinematography Jet Ranger

CFC Aviation

Veteran Travel

Southwest Airlines


Falcon Insurance

091 Restoration

US Helicopter

Special Thanks to

Judy Whitworth

Susan Roush

Pat Flathouse

Audio Restoration of David Settlemire Tapes

Wayne Bell

Archival Materials Provided by

Charles Chatham

Jon Deinlein

Doug Moore

Joe Galloway

Jim Pratt

General Patrick Brady, CMOH

Landing Zone Coordination

LTC James Bullinger

Leilah Ward

Lenny Collins

Art Giberson

Mike Wyman

Bob and Kathy Carr

Chuck Glass

Eric Norber

Ben Dennision

Carolyn Jachens

Ken Doucette

Bruce and Chin McCartney

Charles and Clara Hinson

Brian Ellacott

Patty and Larry Hancock

Mayor Bob Young

Patricia Bucholtz

Kim Douglas Sistrunk

Major Mark Stevens

Randy Jones

Larry and Tamara Castagneto

Len Mallick

Tom Crull

John and Anne Flanagan

Edward Banville

Giancarlo Newsome

Jim White

Larry Shatto

Mario Sosa

Don Dorsey

Joe Beal

John Gosdin

Keith and Julia Bodine

Jerry Turner

Jim Morrical

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Earl and Vicki Watters

Robert Frost

Dan Gower

Location thanks to

The United States Army

Fort Rucker, Alabama

City of Pensacola, Florida

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Pan Am International Flight Academy

Embry Riddle University

City of August, Georgia

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City of West Point, Mississippi

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City of Austin, Texas

Lower Colorado River Authority

First United Methodist Church, Pasadena, Texas

Slaton Municipal Airport

City of Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Angel Fire Vietnam Veterans Memorial

West Texas A&M University

Fort Sam Houston, Texas

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