Awards & Reviews

WorldFest International Film Festival – “Best of Show” and “Gold Documentary”

Vietnam Veterans of America President’s Award – Outstanding Documentary Film

Acquired for national broadcast on the Discovery Military Channel

UH-1 65-10091 now represents the Vietnam War in the Smithsonian Museum of American History

“Gold standard for accuracy” – Library of Congress Veteran’s Forum

“WHEREAS, Honoring the armed forces who served when they were called, both those who returned and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, In The Shadow of The Blade has proved to be a catalyst for healing, taking veterans back into the skies for a flight of peace…therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas, 79th Legislature, hereby commend Patrick and Cheryl Fries for their accomplishments in the field of documentary filmmaking, and congratulate all who participated in the production of In The Shadow of The Blade….” – Senate of the State of Texas

“The Wall is where we honor our war dead.  In the Shadow of the Blade is where we honor our Vietnam veterans who made it home.” – Gary Roush, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

“The respect for Vietnam veterans and their families is above anything I have heard, seen or read.”  – D.W., 229th Aviation Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division

“From the time that the producers and crew began to listen to me tell of my father’s story, they listened with such intensity that it was a little rattling to me.  They were really listening, they cared….I was treated as a VIP.  My dad was important to others, many others.” – Diane Moore, daughter of a CMSGT Thomas Moore, USAF, POW/MIA

“I’ll never look at myself the same way again.”  Dan Binkley, 173rd Assault Helicopter Company